While we were coming into Christian Science, both my...

While we were coming into Christian Science, both my wife and myself scanned the Sentinel eagerly each week for a testimony that would help us, give us encouragement in our journey from sense to Soul; and when one was found which was like our case, it was read and reread day after day. Our greatest encouragement came from some dear Scientists who wrote often to us, and each letter was as a gleam of sunshine. The first physical help received from Christian Science was at the birth of a son, when absent treatment overcame fear prior to the birth, and nearly all pain at the time. We had a doctor present, out of respect for other people's thought, but I did all the work of a nurse myself, so that we had no other help. It was a harmonious demonstration; the child was healthy, and all discordant conditions were soon overcome by the truth. Our growth in Christian Science has been slow, because we tried to take self into it, but we are finding out that every error overcome means that we have less of self and more of Love. Toothache, colds, headache, in fact every discord is yielding to Truth as fast as we see our need of only that Life which is perfect.

I wish to say that before coming into Christian Science we hesitated a great deal, for we had heard so much against it; and I had the opportunity to read the Sentinel for two years before I began to take an interest in it. Two or three headings, however, caught my eye, and I read some articles which set me thinking. I felt that if Christian Science could do so much, it was the religion, and how much better we all would be for it. I saw that if it could banish such vices as intemperance, profanity, false appetites, give people gentle dispositions and a desire to study the Bible more, that there could not be much wrong in it, and after I was married we started to read the literature. We found that it was the truth, and in writing to headquarters for information, the letter was handed to a kind Scientist who wrote to us. Later on she sent us a copy of Science and Health, also other books. Have we found in Christian Science what we expected? Yes; so much have we found that voice or pen would fail us to attempt to tell a hundredth part. Best of all, is the life before us; a new heaven and a new earth are opening to view.

Testimony of Healing
I cannot find words to express the gratitude I feel for...
June 27, 1908

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