I wish to express my loving and grateful appreciation of...

I wish to express my loving and grateful appreciation of Christian Science and the blessings it has brought to me. Seventeen years ago I was badly injured, and as a result was obliged to wear a truss all the time. One evening, nearly two years ago, I was taken very ill with what materia medica would call strangulated hernia. The suffering was so intense that I was unable to lie down, in fact there was no position in which I could be comfortable. My daughter recommended my sending for a Christian Science practitioner, but I demurred, saying that no one but a surgeon could help me, as I was convinced that there would have to be an operation before relief could come. As the pain increased, I was debating in my own mind whether I would send for a surgeon or a Christian Science practitioner, but finally decided to have a Christian Scientist. One was immediately telephoned for, and in ten minutes after he commenced treating me the pain had ceased. In a half hour I felt entirely well. I placed my hand on the part that had protruded, and to my astonishment and gratification it had gone back and was in a normal condition. To me this was marvelous! To be so quickly relieved of such intense suffering through the realization of the presence of divine Mind was more than I ever expected to experience. I have since this enjoyed perfect health, and my family have remarked that I look ten years younger than I did previous to the healing. I would also like to state that my wife was instantly healed of acutelung trouble ten years ago, and a few years later of abdominal trouble. Each time it was a case of immediate healing, for which my family and myself are more grateful than words can express.—H. D. Page, Pasadena, Cal.

Testimony of Healing
I have been helped so much in Christian Science that...
June 27, 1908

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