Christian Science is certainly a joy to the world

Christian Science is certainly a joy to the world. I feel deeply grateful to Mrs. Eddy for giving us in Science and Health for truth which makes free. I sought Christian Science for the spiritual good, having noticed the change it had wrought in a friend. My wife and I had become dissatisfied with the church of which we were then members, so we borrowed a copy of Science and Health and several numbers of the Sentinel, and began reading. As a result my wife was healed so beautifully of physical troubles of long standing that we threw all of our medicine away, convinced that Christian Science was the remedy not only for physical troubles but for every wrong condition.

In the fall of 1906 our children, who were attending the public schools, became afflicted with what seemed to be a very serious form of skin disease. Each of the five members of the family had it; and we felt that one of the little girls would have died but for the timely arrival of a Christian Science practitioner. The conditions appeared to be most serious, but the case was healed in three days' time. Another case was my own healing. In my work as a salesman I was sometimes obliged to drive through the country advertising. In January, 1907, I was doing this work when I took a cold from which I could not seem to get free. I came home from the store one afternoon, lay down on a lounge and went to sleep, and upon awakening I could not move any part of my body except my left arm. My wife called a practitioner, and we found that the illness had developed into a severe case of lung and paralytic trouble, and my whole condition seemed to be alarming. I was cured of the lung trouble in one week, but the other conditions did not yield so readily. For two weeks I was not able to help myself at all, and was even reported dead. We then called a practitioner from Toledo, and she thought it best for me to go away from home, which at this time was not an easy undertaking, owing to my weak state. I, however, did as she advised, and was taken to Toledo, still in a helpless condition. On Sunday, three days after, I was able to go to church by the help of a friend, and on the Saturday of this week', after eleven days' treatment, I went home a well man, perfectly healed. Since then we have moved to this city, and are near our church, which stands for Life. Truth, and Love.

Testimony of Healing
Through the healing of my mother I first became interested...
June 27, 1908

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