[Rev. W. W. Willard in The Advance.]

The last word in the quest of reality is not with logic, but with life. It is the supreme and final arbiter, and conclusions of psychology or of philosophy, of science or of history that do not meet its demands must in the end be revised. It is true not only that "out of the heart are the issues of life," but also that out of the heart are issues of logic. The demands of the heart can never be finally repudiated by the intellect. Here is an epistemology, a theory of knowledge which is the comfort and strength of all souls that have learned to know through doing. The sciences may be servants, but must not be masters. They may bring their treasures as the wise men of old, but it must be to lay them at the feet of Christ—at the feet of him whose authority is final because it alone is effective for the soul's deepest need. Christ is master, not by reason of a logical conclusion, but because he masters the soul. His authority is real, not because it is rational, but because it is actual. Evolution may serve as a method, but Christian faith will never consent to be crucified upon it. History may be invaluable for testimony, but it is not an independent author of Christian faith. Psychology reveals the facts and processes of consciousness, but has no final verdict to pronounce on the ultimate realities of religion. Science with its side-lights may act as interpreter, but has no original contribution to make to the substance of faith.

June 27, 1908

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