Our critic calls Christian Science an apostasy

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Our critic calls Christian Science an apostasy. On the contrary, Christian Science is a return to the actual, practical demonstration of Christianity as taught by Jesus two thousand years ago. It abjures all man-made theories and rests entirely upon the undivided commands of the Master. It shows how Jesus came to the world to give mortals a full and complete salvation from sickness and suffering, as well as from sin. It proves that Jesus meant what he said when he promised his followers of all ages that "signs" of healing and casting out of evils should follow them that believed or understood his teachings. Christian Science has brought to thousands a clearer realization of the present availability of God as a help in all times of trouble. Surely such a religion cannot justly be called an apostasy....

Our critic is mistaken when he says that Christian Science denies the authority of God's work. It is only the man-made words and theories barren of practical results which have been attributed to God, that they deny. Christian Science does not deny the five physical senses as manifestations of mortal man's present physical experience, nor does it deny the evidence of matter as a phenomenon of mortal existence. It does teach, however, that mortal existence is not man's real, normal state and that in proportion as he grows in spiritual understanding and comes to know God aright, the real man, created in the image and likeness of God, Spirit, will become apparent.

June 27, 1908

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