At the close of the year 1905 I suffered a complete physical...

At the close of the year 1905 I suffered a complete physical breakdown, which was diagnosed as stomach and nervous trouble, etc. The usual material remedies were resorted to, but without permanent results, my case instead of improving under materia medica gradually growing worse, and after many months of intense suffering my weight was reduced to one hundred and twenty-nine pounds, although my height is over six feet. For almost a year I continued to try every known remedy that seemed at all within the bounds of reason. I had always been a stickler for the "regulars" in materia medica, but in my desperation I conquered prejudice sufficiently to try mineral springs, osteopathy, homeopathy, etc.

About this time a friend suggested that I should give Christian Science a trial, and after some informal discussion I reluctantly agreed to do so. Having been a church member for many years, and lived its teachings as best I understood them, I shared the popular error that divine healing belonged to a former era. I did believe that God had power to heal, but I doubted His will to do so. During my year's illness I had devoted much time to the study of the Bible, which from my youth up had been my favorite book of all literature, yet I did not find its healing Principle. I had been opposed to what Christian Science had been represented to be, but my concept of it has been entirely reversed, because I now understand that Christian Science reveals God as good, and good only.

Testimony of Healing
It has been almost three years since I began the study...
May 30, 1908

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