Our critic takes exception to any reference to Jesus as a...

Boston Times

Our critic takes exception to any reference to Jesus as a scientific man, and yet no doubt he would admit that the man Christ Jesus knew more than any other personage that the world has ever known, and certainly what he knew was scientific, since any definite or specific knowledge is science. There is no authority for restricting the term science to material things. There is something to know about the spiritual, and it is entitled to the name science. Moreover, the science which Jesus knew was Christian. It certainly was not non-Christian, and he demonstrated what he knew of the truth. For this reason we fail to see why our critic should object to the statement that Jesus was a demonstrator of Christian Science.

Our critic declares that Mrs. Eddy attempts to explain a portion of the Scriptures and that "the rest of the Bible she has passed over." We trust that our readers will not infer from this that Mrs. Eddy does not accept the whole of the Bible. While she does not attempt an exegesis of the entire Bible in her text-book, it is gratifying to know that she accepts the whole of the Scriptures. In fact, she found Christian Science in the Bible and has based her entire teaching upon it. Mrs. Eddy, like our critic, has her peculiar interpretation of Scriptural meanings, and she points to the good results of her teaching as an evidence of their correctness.

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