When I think what I was prior to my small understanding...

When I think what I was prior to my small understanding of Christian Science, and what I am to-day because of it, I cannot be too thankful that this great light was rekindled in the day in which I live. Less than two years ago, although at the age when life should have been the most alluring, I had no desire whatever for it. I considered myself sorely afflicted of God, and while trying to convince myself that it was all for the best, I found that in my innermost heart I was beginning to doubt God's love and mercy for all His children. I searched the Scriptures for some proof of my belief, and seemed to find many passages which justified my mordid mortal belief that some are predestined to an eternity without God, and that I was one of them.

Then I ceased to pray that I might die, for I was afraid of death, and my constant prayer became, "Lord, let me live only long enough to be led back to the fold of the good shepherd." My poor prayer has been abundantly answered, but in God's way, not mine. When I learned that God is my Life, I had no further desire for death; that God is Love, and therefore does not send sorrow upon His children, I could never again doubt His tender mercies. But by and by I learned a truth more healing than all the rest. The sorrow I had been so carefully and tenderly nursing was only an illusion which Christ, Truth, had destroyed. For all reality is spiritual, and there is no power on earth able to take from me one infinitesimal part of my being as God's child.

Testimony of Healing
In 1900, while living in Denver, I became interested in...
May 30, 1908

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