In the light of the Science of being,—that God is Spirit and perfect, and that man and the universe are spiritual and perfect,—the meaning of human life is realized only as we bring into consciousness, activity, and expression this perfection of God, man, and the universe. The bringing of this perfection to light in terms of human life and experience is the working out of our salvation. The complete coming of heaven to earth—the spiritual sense of being, or the consciousness of the allness and goodness of God, of Spirit, of Life, and of Love, here and everywhere, and of man now and forever spiritual and perfect as His image and likeness—this is the fullness of salvation for man and the universe.

Every thought and activity that gives recognition and response to the nature, unfoldments, and promptings of God and of our own spiritual and real selfhood, not only purifies the inner life from sin, fear, and discord, but also improves external human conditions. Everything that is thought and loved as well as done in secret, is always proclaimed on the housetops,—is made manifest in and on our bodies and environments, as well as actually confessed by us or found out by others. And this law by which the inner becomes the outer is a law of Love as well as of justice. It is just as loving to us that our errors should come to light as that our virtues should manifest themselves in terms of our whole being and environment. It is one of God's wise, kind, and effective ways of discouraging and destroying sin and of rewarding and encouraging virtue. It is as much to the glory of God as it is to our highest good that the evil comes to the surface to be destroyed, while the good comes to light to remain. The evil is punished and the good is rewarded not because God hates us, but because He loves us; not because He means for us to be lost, but to be saved and saved through our own choice and efforts as well as His.

October 17, 1908

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