THE age in which we live, beyond any other period in the world's history, is rich in achievements for good and grand in its profound aspirations for real advancement. In whatever department of human activity we look, we shall find marked improvement over preceding ages, and when we contemplate mankind as a whole we can certainly note a steady advance in the human recognition of the supremacy of the ideal presented by the Master when he said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Humanity has heard the marvelous rhythm of heaven's sublime harmonies as revealed in Christ, Truth, and is rising above the mists of mortal fears and doubts. With a clearer understanding of the possibilities of man's God-given endowments, men are learning to refuse to be enslaved by conditions evovled from mistakes or to be fettered with shackles forged by ignorance.

Less than half a century ago a servant of God, who through suffering and bitter trails had slowly climbed to the heights above the fogs and mists of the world's narrow conception of the real, who had thrown aside the grave-clothes of a dead belief and had come to a realization of the need of a better understanding of ever-present divine Love, heroically proclaimed to the world the omnipotence of God in the omnipresence of good. Touched by an inspiration that came as a reward for loving obedience, Mrs. Eddy realized that her own wonderful restoration to health was the result of a divinely appointed law, and that this law was truly scientific; therefore unfailing, without "shadow of turning." As the great expounder of this divine law was the Founder of the Christian religion, she wisely designated her profound discovery Christian Science.

Standing as we do now, on the very fields where already numberless victories have been won through an understanding of the teachings of Christian Science, it is in a measure difficult to grasp in its fulness the great significance and grandeur of the work accomplished through the heroic devotion and unflinching self-sacrifices of our revered and loved Leader. Erect and fearless, amid a storm of abuse and condemnation that would have discouraged and disheartened one less brave and faithful, always returning love for hate, and only good for evil, she has stood unmoved and unshaken in her sublime faith, — her absolute trust in divine Love. Her inspired writings have given to many words of our language a deeper and clearer meaning than their merely material significance would indicate. Through her deep spiritual insight, she has made plain the seemingly hidden truths of the Bible, and by the clearness of her vision has penetrated the clouds of mystery that creeds and dogmas had thrown over the glorious promises of the sacred writings. Through her tireless labors she has given to the waiting world, in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," a safe, sure, and satisfying guide, founded alone on the inspired Word of God, that will, when understood, overcome sin and heal all manner of disease.

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October 17, 1908

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