JESUS said, "Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." Mrs. Eddy says, respecting our text-book, "Although this volume contains the complete Science of Mind-healing, never believe that you can absorb the whole meaning of the Science by a simple perusal of this book. The book needs to be studied" (Science and Health, p. 147). Christian Scientists are sometimes asked regarding their Sunday services: "Do you continually repeat the same subjects in your Lesson-Sermons?" "Do they not grow tiresome? "Do you ever expect to have them changed?" We do not know what to-morrow may bring forth, but we are very positive that our Lesson-Sermons are never "tiresome," and that they never will be. They are always new, always different, always exceedingly interesting. To those unacquainted with Christian Science this may seem an incomprehensible statement, and be received with some doubt; but its truth can be established and good reason shown for making the claim.

The well-known combination lock in general use on vault and safe doors may assist in illustrating our position. The little circular knob which serves as a key has one hundred numbers, more or less, stamped on its rim. The lock is adjusted to work on a certain set of these numbers, and by turning the knob from left to right and right to left until each given number has touched the starting-point, the bolts are released and the door can then be opened. Because of the many figures on the flange the combination can be changed over a hundred thousand times, and in every case one has a new and different combination, each being as good and secure as its predecessor. This rule applies to our Lessons, and shows how the same subjects can be used year after year, yet each Lesson be unlike a former one, though equally good, strong, and convincing. There are so many beautiful passages in the Bible and Science and Health which all bear specifically upon our Lesson subjects, that by using a different arrangement of Bible verses, with varying readings from Science and Health, the Lessons are always dissimilar, always fresh, and always bring out new thoughts. Thus a reference from the Bible in connection with a sentence from Science and Health which would elucidate the subject "God" could be used in conjunction with another paragraph from Science and Health with equal effect on the subjects "Life," Truth," and "Love;" and this interchange of readings could go on indefinitely, even as the combinations on the safe door, and still be always diverse.

As another reason which adds to the varied qualities of these Lessons, I would call attention to the six subdivisions, which are distinctly separate one from the other, each bringing out a different idea regarding the one subject; hence it is most important that students should grasp the leading thought in each section in order to get the full benefit from the Lesson. The subject "Life" might be brought out as follows : First, Life is God; second, no life in matter; third, the perfection of spiritual Life; fourth, the belief of life in matter brings sickness and sorrow ; fifth, the allness of Life demonstrated by Christ Jesus ; sixth, Life is eternal. Every idea thus brought out is sustained by the Bible reading and verified and explained from Science and Health. In a Sentinel editorial, published some time ago, it was stated that the first reading from Science and Health in each section is usually an index to the subject of that section. The student of these Lessons who applies himself regularly to them every day, not only derives great benefit therefrom but is in a more receptive frame of mind, better prepared to listen, and absorbs more of the truth on Sunday, than one who neglects the thorough study of all six sections each day.

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October 17, 1908

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