I should like to testify to the healing of two little girls...

I should like to testify to the healing of two little girls of a dreaded disease, one of them being thirteen, the other ten years of age. I have heard several people say that slight ailments can be healed with Christian Science, but that it could not cure a case of smallpox. About five or six years ago, I had the chance to prove what Christian Science could do in such a case. My sister went to St. Louis and left her two little girls with me. She and the children were interested in Christian Science, but as we were alone at night I had another sister, who was not in Science, come to stay with us. The mother of the children left on Sunday, and on Wednesday morning the youngest girl asked me to treat her. I did so and she went out to play. The next morning there was an eruption on her forehead, and that night the older child awoke me and said that her sister was crying, and wanted me to treat her. I did so, and she went to sleep. She played out of doors all the next day, but on Saturday morning she did not get up, and when I went to her bed, her appearance was very alarming. I sent for a Christian Science practitioner, and she said that it looked like a contagious disease. Remembering that Mrs. Eddy advises us to call in a doctor in case of a contagious disease, I sent for my old family physician. He came, looked very frightened, and said he would go for the health officer. When they came the health officer examined the child, and said it was a very bad case, and that he would have to get the flag to put on the house. When he went away the child began to cry, and said she was afraid they would take her away from home. I told her that God's children have no diseases; and she was soon as happy as could be.

When the officer came back, about four o'clock, the little girl was up and dressed. He seemed to be surprised, and said to her, "Have you had some kind of treatment?" She replied, "Yes, sir; I had Christian Science treatment." He said, "Well, my child, you are all right, but I shall have to put up this flag." She begged him not to do so, but he said that he would be arrested if he did not. So he put up the yellow flag and we were quarantined, and that night the daily paper reported the case. It was Saturday, when we always bought our supply of groceries and such things, but we had no telephone and were shut in from every one.

Testimony of Healing
I was first attracted to Christian Science about two...
October 17, 1908

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