This Christ-Science is the truth to which Jesus referred...

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This Christ-Science is the truth to which Jesus referred when he said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." A synonym for truth is "reality." To be clear, let us repeat the quotation, using the synonym : "Ye shall know the reality, and the reality shall make you free." Free from what? Evidently "unreality," the opposite of the real. How then do you classify sickness, sin, and death, as real or as unreal? If the then and eternal you cannot destroy or evade them; they are part of God's creation and so must be an emanation from Him, and this would make Him the infinite sinner and infinite invalid. This logical deduction shocks you, does it not? So it should — all blasphemous conclusions are shocking; but the conclusion is correctly drawn, and if this is so then the premises must be blasphemous, although we have tolerated them for centuries. So then the mission of Christ Jesus was to free us from blasphemy.

It has been taught in the name of Christianity that God causes sickness, sends death to the mother's loved one; and yet Jesus said of the deformed woman, "Satan hath bound her." Who is right? Does God send sickness and death, or does Satan, the adversary of God, bind the prisoners? Christian Science declares for and bases its position upon the statement of Jesus. It reiterates that sin and sickness are falsities, lies, the false phenomena of a false sense, — material sense, satanic sense. This being so, what medicine or sergeon's knife will you to cure or remove disease? You will remember Shakespeare could find no satisfactory answer for his physician to make when Macbeth asked. —

January 18, 1908

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