The proceedings against Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy...

Lynn (Mass.) Evening News

The proceedings against Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy have been dropped by counsel for the plaintiffs, and the next step in the movement to place such legal restrictions upon her acts as shall prevent her from exercising her own initiative in the disposition of her property is awaited with considerable interest. It is evident that the plaintiffs had based their action upon the expectation of having little difficulty in placing Mrs. Eddy's sanity in doubt. When it became apparent that the very foundation of their structure was wabbling, there was little use of pursuing the matter further.

Mrs. Eddy spent a number of years of her life in this city, where she has many followers. It was here that she developed Christian Science, which has since spread all over the civilized world. Her followers in this city number among them many of our best most respected people. Nobody has ever questioned their sanity, yet if Mrs. Eddy had been found wanting in mentality it is difficult to conceive of such a finding without applying it to all her followers.

September 14, 1907

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