I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...

I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me, physically, spiritually, and in every way. In March, 1902, I was confined to my bed for many weeks, suffering intensely night and day, my physician, one of the best in our city, coming to see me almost every day. One night I became so much worse that the doctor was summoned about midnight, and after an examination he said he could do no more for me, that I had only a short time to live. He left some morphine powders to be given every hour, and went away. When my husband brought the powder I refused to take it, saying that I would take no more medicine. I could not sleep, and thought was busy. I had heard of Christian Science through the young daughter of a lady who had been wonderfully healed, She had said to my daughter, "I wish your mamma could be made well, as my mamma was." I had read the Sentinel and Journal which they had sent me, and now I questioned myself, "If those testimonials of healing are true, and God is no respecter of persons, why cannot I be healed by Christian Science?" I asked my husband if he would go in the morning for a Christian Science practitioner, and this he readily consented to do.

At an early hour he went to see the lady who had sent me the Journal, to get the address of a practitioner. This practitioner talked with my husband a few moments, and said she could not come to me till one o'clock. My husband said, "I am afraid she will not live that long." The practitioner then assured him that she would treat me absently, and come as soon as possible, and that all would be well. At one o'clock she came. She sat by my bed, gave me treatment, and talked with me three hours about this glorious truth. It was so different from anything I had ever heard. I look back to that day as the happiest one of my life. When she arose to go I felt like a different person. She said if I could accept God's promises I need not remain in that bed twenty-four hours, then bade me good-bye, promising to call next morning. Shortly after she had gone I asked for something to eat, and ate a hearty meal, a thing I had not done before in many weeks. A little later I remembered her parting words. I arose, dressed myself without help, walked about my room, sat up two hours, then retired and slept well all night. This I had not done for months.

Next morning I began to help a little with household duties. Prior to this I had not been able to do my work, in fact had been confined to my bed most of the time for five years. My illness had extended over a period of eighteen years, during which time I had been treated by twenty-three good physicians, and had tried almost every kind of remedy with only temporary help. My diseases were "legion," and included female weakness, rheumatic and stomach trouble, etc., all of which have yielded to Christian Science. I now do all my housework, sewing, etc. I am grateful not only for the physical healing, but for the spiritual uplifting which I have received. I feel that there is not a day nor an hour but blessings come to me through this wonderful truth.

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