[The British Congregationalist.]

The grand Christian verities are recorded in the volume of the Book. There stand on its every page the unfoldings of the purpose of the divine will and grace, climaxing in the person of God's only begotten and well-beloved Son. The life, works, words, sufferings, death, resurrection, ascension, and glory of Jesus Christ are the Christian facts on which the human mind has wrought for two thousand years, not without an enrichment of thought and life. They have been the objects of the intense study of able, reverent, honest thinkers, and more during the last hundred years, than ever before. Doctrines concerning them have been, and are in the course of being formed, which are, and should be, in advance of those entertained in other periods of the Church's history. Nor should this cause alarm on the part of the followers of the Master, for they do not, and cannot even when erroneous, destroy the facts which they profess to explain. The facts remain, are immovable, the gates of Hades cannot prevail against them. While they remain Christ and his gospel of redemption will remain, answering the cry of the soul to see the Father and enjoy his love. [The Universalist Leader.]

January 5, 1907

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