The statement that God is the author of all good is generally admitted by all Christians. The pure thoughts of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and other ancient prophets were preparatory steps which helped to remove much materiality from human thought, and thus made possible Mary's spiritual conception of the child Jesus, and also enabled him to do the great works he accomplished toward to regeneration of mankind. The pure thoughts of Love and Truth which Jesus held, and those which his followers have held during the past two thousand years, made it possible for Mrs. Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, to receive this glorious light of Truth which she has given and is giving to the world; but it all comes from God. Christian Science is the radiance of divine Love, which is being revealed more and more clearly through the purity and Christian character of those who, because of their fitness, are able to receive, grasp, and scatter this great truth broadcast. The reflected light from Christ Jesus kept up its brilliancy for three hundred years and made it possible for the work of the Messiah to be carried on. Then material sense buried the Christ-healing in its sepulcher of matter and rolled the stone of pride and superstition against the door, there to remain until one richly endowed by divine Love, and with sufficient spiritual strength, should roll it away and reveal to the world the long hidden Christ-healing. This our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has done.

There have been many, many prayers of sincere Christian heard and answered during these two thousand years. Why? Because the one offering the prayer was pure enough to catch the light reflected from the Gospels,—the words and the works of Christ Jesus,—and because God is always good. But neither the suppliant nor the world could tell why some prayers were answered and many which seemed equally pure remained unanswered. In the light of Christian Science this explanation becomes easy; it is simply that though honest prayers were offered, the scientific understanding of man's realtion to God, and how to reach Him, were lacking. This is now made clear in Science and Health; so plain, indeed, that "the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein." This knowledge of God is now being scattered throughout all the world, and it is benefiting all mankind, even though they do not know it or may not admit its source.

This new-old truth, as taught in Christian Science, is making prayer more answerable to people of all classes. The underbrush of materiality is being cleared away, the presence of divine Mind is becoming more real, and the supplications of all unconsciously partake of this wave of love and spirituality. It matters not who offers the petition,—whether it be Jew, Gentile, or Christian Scientist,—if the prayer is for good and is answered, the good comes from God. Even though one receives good without direct appeal for divine help, the good comes from God, as in the case of being saved from accident, recovering from sickness, relief in any case of suffering or sorrow which comes unexpectedly. This unasked-for aid must come from God, since He is the only source of good, and it is the result of the good that exists and that is being made manifest to the world,—the good which is made possible through the teachings of Jesus and the scientific revelations of Christian Science. Christian Science is not a specific for a few. It is the "open door" for all the world to enter heaven, harmony, now. Christ Jesus first gave to the world the Christ-healing, and our Leader has discovered its Principle and offered the truth to the world, so that all are now anew to turn away from personality and understand that God is the author of all good. We are constantly taught both by precept and example to do our work in an impersonal manner and to give God the glory.

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January 5, 1907

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