Two year's ago I borrowed the Christian Science textbook...

Two year's ago I borrowed the Christian Science textbook out of curiosity. At that time one of my three children was very ill with an extreme case of ivy poisoning, an other had bowel trouble in such a severe form that the usual remedies could not be relied upon to relieve him, and I had had severe nervous trouble by which I was incapacitated for five days every two or three weeks. In addition I had stomach and bowel trouble, weak heart, and extreme irritability. After my first talk with the Scientist from whom I borrowed a copy of Science and Health, I found the boy's bowel trouble entirely relieved. We were perfectly astonished at this, and decided to give the case of the second boy, who was sick in bed, to a practitioner. In forty-eight hours he was free from bandages, eating at the table with us, and with the exception of the emaciation—the result of weeks of limited diet, etc.—he was well. This was another surprise to us, and by this time we stood in awe of the power of divine Love.

We bought a copy of the text-book and "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mrs. Eddy and began to work on the fundamental truth which is the keynote of all that is done in Christian Science; namely, "God is Love" and "God is All in all." Though there were many questions to be answered, I was told by the practitioner, "It is not what you do not understand but what you do understand that counts." This turned me to a persistent study of these books for myself, in which all my questions have been answered. By the way, we could not find our Bible, it being a book which neither my husband nor I had read since our childhood. I said at first that I could not give more than one half hour a day to this new subject, but I soon learned that "the desire which goes forth hungering after righteousness is blessed of our Father, and it does not return unto us void" (Science and Health, p. 2). Thus I was enabled to devote an average of five hours a day to the reading of the Bible and Science and Health, for the time I had been giving to sickness in the family and myself, or when well to social duties, was now given entirely to study. Meanwhile I was not conscious how strong and well I was growing, until people began to remark upon my changed appearance. Now I have not one of the ailments which made me wretched two years ago.

Testimony of Healing
The first of June, 1905, an eruption of some kind broke...
September 29, 1906

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