The numerical growth of the Christian Science movement...

The Weekly Underwriter

The numerical growth of the Christian Science movement has taken place largely within the past ten to fifteen years. As this growth is due chiefly to the undeniable efficacy of Christian Science in healing all kinds of diseases, whether called curable or incurable by the doctors, it goes without saying that the insurance companies have profited by the application of Christian Science. It is a well-known fact that a large number of policy-holders are alive and well to-day, as the result of Christian Science, who had been given up to die by physicians. Moreover, I am acquainted with a number of men who were refused life insurance because of physical inability prior to becoming interested in Christian Science, but who now are policy-holders in good standing. Their acceptance by the companies as safe risks dated from their healing in Christian Science. The standard of health among those who follow the teachings of Christian Science is very much higher than it was before the same people accepted Christian Science. The rate of mortality among Christian Scientists is also very low.

In view of the importance attached to the non-use of tobacco and alcoholic liquors, and to good morals, by the insurance companies, it should be stated that very few men continue to use either tobacco or liquor after gaining an understanding of Christian Science. The testimony of both men and women who have accepted Christian Science is that their habits and morals have undergone a marked change for the better. Such changes must prove beneficial wherever felt.

September 29, 1906

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