To God all is present, both that which was before, and...

To God all is present, both that which was before, and that which is now, yea, and that which shall be after us. All is present to Him. His abundance never waxeth, nor doth it ever wane. He never calleth aught to mind, for He hath forgotten naught. He looketh for naught, pondereth not, for He knoweth all. he seeketh nothing, for he hath lost nothing. He pursueth no creature for none may flee from Him; nor doth He dread aught, for none is more mighty than He, none is like unto Him. He is ever giving, yet He never waneth in aught, He is ever Almighty, for He ever willeth good and never evil. He needeth nothing. He is ever watching, never sleeping. He is ever equally beneficent. He is ever eternal, for the time never was when He was not, nor ever shall be. . . . Pray for what is right and needful for you. for He will not deny you. Hate evil, and flee from it. Love virtue, and follow it. Whatsoever ye do is ever done before the eternal almighty God. He seeth it all, and He judges and will requite. — Alfred the Great.

The Lectures
October 14, 1905

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