It is now a year and a half since I first studied Christian Science...

It is now a year and a half since I first studied Christian Science and was healed by its means. I had been in a thoroughly wretched condition, mentally and physically, for many months before I turned to the true source of help. I was on the verge of nervous prostration, suffered from indigestion, loss of appetite, slept very little, and was in such a depressed, morbid state, that I had no desire to live. I had been to several physicians, but received no benefit from their treatment. I felt that it was mental help that I needed, and not then knowing of the power of divine Mind to heal, I trusted to mortal mind, that broken reed, the source of all ills that flesh is heir to. I had been a member of an orthodox church for some years, and a regular attendant, but my religion seemed to fail me in my greatest need,—why, I could not understand,—and at times I felt that I must give it all up.

At this crisis I was advised to try Christian Science treatment, with the result that I bought a copy of Science and Health and commenced reading, at first with little hope. I soon felt, however, that here was something which would help me. At first it was a case of groping blindly for the light, but thanks to the of a friend I was enabled to progress, slowly at first, but with increasing hope and confidence. I gave up the use of all tonics and medicines, which before it had seemed impossible for me to do without, and from the first I improved mentally and physically. I have had no illness since, with the exception of a slight cold. Not the least of the benefits derived from the study of Christian Science is that it brings religion into our daily lives and makes the Bible a guide to our every thought and act.

Testimony of Healing
It is eight years since I was healed in Christian Science...
October 14, 1905

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