I have the most convincing reasons for being a Christian Scientist

I have the most convincing reasons for being a Christian Scientist. When a young man I drifted away from my old church, began to investigate all manner of theories, philosophies, and beliefs, but found nothing that would give me any satisfaction, nothing to which I could subscribe.

I immersed myself in my professional work, and so tried to keep the perplexing problems of life and destiny out of mind if possible. My health, which was never very robust, began to give way under the intense application, and only half-realized dreams of ambition brought on a despondent mental condition, until, after several years of such dreary existence, life became a burden which I would just as soon have given up as not. Friends said, "Why don't you try Christian Science? It will make you healthy and happy," but this advice seemed very foolish to me. Had I not investigated almost everything and found nothing? So I paid no attention to my friends' kind appeal, and tried to endure a little longer. One day, however, I asked for the loan of the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and began to study it with the same earnestness that I gave to every other subject I undertook. I could not understand it at first, as I had too many opposing opinions to get much good out of it, but I persisted, and one by one my prejudices gave way, and I began to perceive some of the spiritual truth contained in the book. Still I lacked the real understanding. The day before Christmas I had an attack of an old physical ailment. I was tempted to take some medicine, such as I usually took to relieve this suffering, and which I had in my pocket at the time. But no. Here was an opportunity of testing Christian Science, and I was determined to do so. Going to my studio, I dwelt upon the thought of God's omnipotence and man's relation to Him, and like a flash the last obstacle was removed. I felt the healing power of Truth and was well, and surely as happy as any man on earth, for I had found God; Christian Science had revealed Him to me after weary years of searching in matter, all of no avail. Going home to dinner, I told my wife, who was studying the text-book with me, of the great truth which at last had come to me, and she was healed then and there of stomach trouble from which she had suffered almost eighteen years.

Testimony of Healing
I have been helped by Christian Science both spiritually...
October 14, 1905

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