I wish to acknowledge the benefits I have received through...

I wish to acknowledge the benefits I have received through the teachings of Christian Science. Nearly five years ago I first heard of this Science. I ws then a very sick man and had been doctoring for voer two years. During that time I was taking medicine of various kinds. I had consulted a number of doctors and specialists and they always gave me hope that they could cure me. I took a course of baths at a health resort three different times, and each time, on leaving, I was told by the doctor that I was cured. I had taken the medicine in good faith and expected I would be cured, yet I was disappointed from time to time, until at last the critical moment came. I was again confined to my bed and told by my doctor that all was being done that could be done and that it would be months before I could go to work again.

When I first heard of Christian Science I had no faith in it, but later it was presented again by an aged couple of whom I thought a great deal, and I felt that if Christian Science could keep them in good health, and as happy as they were, it might be a good thing for me, and like many others I said that some time I would look into Christian Science. It was only a few weeks before I was brought low and forced to prove that now is the time and that it is God's time.

Testimony of Healing
I can never tell how much Christian Science has done...
October 14, 1905

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