I have been helped by Christian Science both spiritually...

I have been helped by Christian Science both spiritually and physically. I was healed of a disease of twenty-five years' standing by reading Science and Health, after doctors and medicine had failed to help me. I have had many demonstrations in my practice of obstetrics, and many over diseases of different kinds. My little grandson had been under the doctor's care all his life till he was six years old, when they said they could do nothing for him, and that it was not possible for him to live. I was called from home one day to help a neighbor. I was not gone more than two hours, and when I returned I found the little boy very sick. When I came in he was unconscious, and could not speak or move. They all thought he never would again, but I declared the truth,—that God is Life, that there is no death,—and for eight long hours I stood over him and did the best I could to realize God's allness and the nothingness of matter. At the end of that time I was rewarded by seeing him move. He answered when I spoke to him. We then sent to a practitioner for help. His father did not believe in this Science and called a doctor to diagnose the case. The doctor said he had been a very sick child, and asked what we gave him. I told him I had not given him any medicine. He then gave him a thorough examination and said, "He cannot possibly live, for he is a complete anaemic." He said he could not give him any medicine that would help him, and that he had never seen a case like it. Thanks to God, and to Mrs. Eddy through whom He has sent this blessed truth, this child is alive and well and has not been sick to amount to much since. This was two and a half years ago, and he is now going two miles each way to school daily, and does not mind walking six miles to go to church. He does not even complain of being tired. I am a member of the Mother Church, for which I am more than thankful. I trust this may help some poor hopeless mortal to take courage, for when God is for us "who can be against us?"—Mrs. Ida A. R. Stevens, Levy, Ark.

October 14, 1905

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