I can never tell how much Christian Science has done...

I can never tell how much Christian Science has done for me and mine. I did not know anything about it until six years ago, when I went on a visit to my daughter. She was living with her husband's mother, who is a devoted student of Mrs. Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I am more thankful than words can express for her kind and loving forbearance with my intolerant stupidity, and with my many questions, which were not always asked in a kindly manner. While there I was healed instantaneously of nervous sick-headache with which I had suffered from childhood. Hardly a week passed in which I did not suffer. I was not ready to give up my gods, but later, when my baby, a weakly little one, was healed of spasms as quickly as I of headache, then I wanted to know more of Christian Science. I wanted it, but was skeptical, and could hardly believe it was true. I had been taught that God sent suffering to His children to make them meek and obedient. This I could never fully believe and was always asking the pastor of my church why it was God's will we should suffer so, and he would answer that it was to make us love Him more. Then I would read my Bible, but I could not find anywhere in it that it is God's will that we should suffer. I found plenty of places where it says that He heals suffering, and when I told my pastor so, he replied, "Really I believe you will be an infidel yet." I was searching for a perfect God, and I found Him in Christian Science six years ago. Till then I was always taking medicine, but I have not had any for myself, husband, or baby since.

I would like to relate a demonstration I had recently. The grip was quite prevalent in our town, and one morning I woke up at five o'clock with the symptoms of this disease. I asked my husband to help me, and we silently declared God's allness and the nothingness of evil, till in about an hour and a half I was able to move. Then I got up and did a much larger day's work than I had done for months, and felt better at night than in the morning. To me the physical healing, great as it is, seems small, when compared with the spiritual uplifting, and the understanding how to read the Bible in the light of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
It is now about eighteen months since I tried Christian Science
October 14, 1905

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