The Nature of Substance

When the wonderful facts of Christian Science first became evident to me, and while trying to understand that the unseen things were the real and that substance was in the things hoped for, I happened to read one of the works of the great French astronomer, Camille Flammarion, and I found it most helpful in many ways. The following excerpts are of special interest:—

"What we see is only apparent; reality is quite different!" "The sun apparently turns from us, the earth seems to be motionless, but the contrary is the truth; we live on a whirling projectile thrown into space with a speed seventy-five times as great as that of a cannon ball!" "In reality there is nothing but motion." "The rainbow, the rose, the cornflower, the green meadow, diversify the plain with their bright colors." "There are no colors—there is no light—there is nothing but the ether waves, which cause a vibration of the optic nerves; appearances are deceitful."

A Spring Message
June 4, 1904

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