Among the Churches


On Sunday, August 16, opening services were held by Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Rochester, N. Y. The occasion was not in any sense a dedication, but simply marked the transition from a hall to what is to be the permanent church home. At the morning and afternoon services, the usual order was supplemented by suitable addresses. In the evening the service was a series of interesting addresses by local and visiting Scientists.

The opportunity to secure the property which has come into the possession of this church was an obvious demonstration of the provision and direction of divine Love. About a year before the purchase of the property, it became evident that our church would in a few months be compelled to find larger quarters. We did not contemplate purchasing, and the finding of a suitable hall seemed to present a very difficult problem. In this apparent dilemma, there was earnest and persistent work in seeking the realization that Truth would bring us into our true place, and that this place was all ready for us. Just at the time when the necessity of making some change was becoming immediate, without any seeking on our part, this property, which had not before been in the market, and was not placed on sale, was brought to our attention in a most unexpected and unusual way. The location is exactly what we had had in view, central and convenient, and on a street that is quiet, clean, and retired; and what is a more favoring feature, upon the lot, which is large enough for the erection in the future of a large church, there is now a stately building which has always been used as a private school, and which contains a large hall suitable for an auditorium, with rooms adapted for reading room, etc. Thus, in a way that no human wisdom could have planned, the church's need was supplied, and the demonstration was given anew that when the need appears, to those who are trusting unswervingly that "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494), this promise is fulfilled.—Correspondence.

The Lectures
November 7, 1903

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