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The burean of insular affairs has just completed the compilation of a statement showing the seigniorage on Philippine coinage. Up to and including September 30, there had been coined pesos and subsidiary silver coins to the value of 15,060,300 pesos, the bullion for which cost $6,309,675. During the same period there has been coined and shipped minor coinage to the face value of 496,250 pesos, the nickel and bronze metal for which cost $86,042. The charges of the San Francisco and Philadelphia mints for this college, its packing and express and steamship charges to Manila, including insurance, to protect the insular Government against loss, aggregated $206,224. The net credit to the seigniorage account to September 30 is $1,176,332.

The Mosely commission, now visiting in the United States, is representative of English educational institutions from top to bottom. It was selected by Sir Alfred Mosely for the purpose of proving or disproving his theory that the great industrial and commercial advancement of the United States is due to general education, and of giving England the result of its investigation. The originator of the commission is a retired business man of wealth, who feels that England is losing ground industrially, and desires to find the remedy. He is paying the expenses of this commission. The full commission has a membership of thirty-one.

Christian Scientists Deny Certain Reports
November 7, 1903

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