Love the Victor

One afternoon some time ago a very heart-broken little girl came home and said between her sobs, "Mamma, the children have sent me home, they say they wont play with me, and Margaret says she hates me." Mamma looked up and said, "What did God's little girl say?" She replied, "Oh, I thought love, but it did not do a bit of good." "Well, come and sit near me, dear, and we shall see if we cannot realize the presence of divine Love enough to chase the cloud away." She obeyed and the crying ceased.

"First of all," said mamma, "can you tell me what God is?" The reply came clearly, "God is Truth." "And what else?" said mamma." "God is Love." "There, dear, I think we need go no further this time. Love is the word we are looking for. God is Love, and what are you?" "I am God's child." "Yes; and as God is Love we'll use that altogether. So you are Love's child; then what do you reflect?" "Love, mamma." "And what is Margaret?" "Why she's Love's child, too, mamma." "Then if you are both Love's children and reflect only Love, where is there room for error?" "There isn't any room. Error is nothing but a lie." "Now, dear, we will just think of that for a few minutes." We did so, and after a while she looked up smiling and said, "And now, if I may, I shall go out and play with them." "Yes, dear; and what are you going to take with you?" Looking up in a roguish manner she said, "My handkerchief." Mamma said, "That is good; but what are you going to take to share with the little ones?" "I am going to take Love with me," and mamma knew the victory was won.

The Lectures
October 24, 1903

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