Opposition Growing Less

Perhaps we have all felt the opposition to Christian Science of those representing materia medica. But we little know or feel or understand how much the Christ is penetrating that thought of opposition, alleviating its sting. To-day I was on a street car with one of our prominent physicians, and he was asking me how our church was getting on, when we expected to get in it, etc., and he seemed quite interested. After a while he stated that I ought to read of the meeting which occurred in Minneapolis or St. Paul not long ago,—a convention of the allopathic physicians. There was one noted physician who stated that the world would no doubt feel a change in the methods of medicine very shortly which would be as radical as the change from allopathy to homœopathy, and that the line on which this change would be would not be in matter. Going on from that point, he referred to several features of it, and finally came to Christian Science. He elaborated considerably on what he knew about Christian Science, and stated to this assemblage that inasmuch as so many thousands of people were looking into Christian Science, were taking it up and adopting it, it was not to be scoffed at, and it would be well for physicians in general to look into it and see what they could find in it to help them in their administering to the sick.

This seems to be a great step, a great alleviation of that sting and opposition which we have all felt from materia medica.—E. A. M., Cleveland, O.

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October 10, 1901

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