Grateful for the Light of Truth

I desire to express my gratitude through the Sentinel for the wonderful light which has come in my life through the teaching of Christian Science, by telling of two demonstrations which may help some seeker for the Truth.

The first was the healing of a sprained ankle. Before I knew of Christian Science I had sprained my ankle four times. At one time I was compelled to wear a plaster cast for several weeks, and twice I had to walk with crutches for a period of from four to six weeks. I wore a rubber bandage on the ankle at all times, and did not dare go without it. Five years ago when I became a Christian Scientist, I threw away the rubber bandage and a short time afterward sprained my ankle at a distance of three miles from home. I managed to get home with but little difficulty, and instead of being on crutches and disabled for weeks, was perfectly healed in two days and have had no return of the trouble.

Another demonstration was in the case of my boy seven years old who was hit by a ball, while playing golf. The ball was struck four feet from where he stood and hit him in the eye. Often, people being struck in the head by one of these balls become senseless, but the boy did not for one moment lose consciousness. The eye remained closed for two days and very much swollen, but the fifth day was as perfect as the other.

Testimony of Healing
Opposition Growing Less
October 10, 1901

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