From Harper's Weekly

We take pleasure in republishing from that old-established and valuable publication, Harper's Weekly, the following merited tribute to Mrs. Eddy's utterances relative to the lamented death of President McKinley:—

"All the preachers preached on President McKinley; all the editors wrote about him. There was a great deal to say, and most of it seems to have been said. Of course thousands of writers and speakers said about the same things, for they dealt with the same facts, and they were moved by the same feelings. Among others who have spoken was Mrs. Eddy, the mother of Christian Science. She issued two utterances which were read in her churches, one a communication on the death of the President, the other a letter of sympathy and advice to Mrs. McKinley. Both of these discourses are seemly and kind, but they are materially different from the writings of any one else. Reciting the praises of the dead President, Mrs. Eddy says: 'May his history waken a tone of truth that shall reverber ate renew euphony, emphasize humane power, and bear its banner into the vast forever.' No one else said anything like that. Mother Eddy's style is a personal asset. Her sentences usually have the considerable literary merit of being unexpected. Her letter to Mrs. McKinley was short. sympathetic, religious, and very much to the point. Her position in the country as the head and chief spokesman of an important religious body is very curious and highly interesting."

Judge Ewing's Lecture
October 10, 1901

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