No Basis for Fear

Can you imagine counsel we would obey with more alacrity, if we could, than "Don't be frightened"? How often in childhood were we urged with these words to pass a dog on the sidewalk: "Don't be afraid of him, and he won't hurt you"! The obvious assumption was that you'd be eaten alive if fear held sway. To be told not to be afraid was hardly reassuring. Perhaps later on in life we may have thought: "I know God protects those who trust Him, but I keep letting anxiety creep in. If I fail to master fear, I'll be in trouble."

Christ Jesus charged those around him not to be afraid, even when they were confronted by death. If they could obey him on sight, how much more can we—especially as we grow in understanding of him and of how he accomplished his healings and regenerative works. It is a wonderful possibility for us all never to feel again the torment of fear, no matter what we're faced with! We can reach the goal. How?

Consistent Joy
November 9, 1974

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