As a child I was a regular pupil in the Christian Science Sunday School,...

As a child I was a regular pupil in the Christian Science Sunday School, for which I am most grateful. My father passed on when I was nine years old, leaving my mother with three young children, the youngest being nine months old. Radical reliance on God, good, was often needed to furnish home and supply. We sometimes walked three miles to Sunday School, put our last pennies in the collection, and while walking home, picked up coins along the very same way we came, allowing us a special treat that day.

Pneumonia, measles, mumps, and sprains are some of the things quickly healed through prayer. After I married and my first child was to be born, the doctor asked to be relieved from the case. He did not believe the child or I would survive. To please my husband, who is not a student of Christian Science, specialists were consulted, and a cesarean section was performed, while the Christian Science practitioner helped me to know it was their love for me being expressed in the only way they knew. I was home on the thirteenth day, after being told I would be in the hospital two months. The baby survived. This son has been in the Air Force twelve years. He has no physical defects, in spite of the doctor's predictions.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to add my voice to the hymn of praise of those...
January 13, 1973

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