Important Departures

Progress always comes when people turn from some ingrained, unfounded, religious belief and advance toward a spiritual truth. The truth of all things has existed forever, but mortals have been blind to its presence, lost in a wilderness of ignorant notions that have controlled men even for ages. Christian Science reveals the truths of God and of man, His spiritual image, and its departures from certain popular theological beliefs are as startling as were some of the departures of ancient leaders of religion from the concepts of their ancestors.

Abraham made a sharp departure from primitive beliefs about worship when he left the idols of his forefathers and began to acknowledge invisible Spirit as the true God, the living God, who reveals His presence in the power of goodness. But perhaps this departure was not more radical than was that of Christian Science when Mary Baker Eddy received the revelation of God as one infinite, all-inclusive Mind. Such departures have brought transformation of human thought, progressive unfoldment of the truth, and unnumbered blessings.

Now Is the Time to Show Our Love
June 15, 1968

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