Sally Declares the Truth

[Of Special Interest to Children]

One lovely autumn day Sally and her brother, Jimmy, and their mother and father went for a drive up into the mountains. They all loved to explore the pine-scented woods. Sally and Jimmy especially loved to look for different kinds of animals, animal tracks, birds, rocks, pine cones, and other interesting things that can be found on a walk through the woods.

Finally they arrived at a beautiful spot, and all agreed that Father would explore deeper into the woods, while Sally, Jimmy, and Mother would climb a hill in sight of the car. Then they would meet at the car at a certain time.

After Sally, Jimmy, and Mother had gone what seemed to be only a short way, Sally fell and hurt her arm. Then they suddenly realized that they could not see the car, that they did not know in which direction it was, and that Father did not hear them calling.

Temperate Action
January 23, 1965

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