"The divine tone"

Music that expresses a high concept of Deity in beauty and harmony is a healing factor in Christian Science church services. It is wise, then, for those who would aid in the healing activity of music, whether as a composer, an organist, or a soloist, to consider what Mrs. Eddy thought and wrote on the subject of music.

Mrs. Eddy considered that music and its proper performance have a place in Christian Science church services. Because our Leader appreciated fine music, she wanted branch churches to provide the very best sacred music for their services. This is evidenced by the By-Law in her Manual of The Mother Church (Art. XIX, Sect. 1), "The music in The Mother Church shall not be operatic, but of an appropriate religious character and of a recognized standard of musical excellence; it shall be played in a dignified and suitable manner." Musicians in our churches should make the effort to become acquainted with the musical literature of the highest standard written by the best contemporary and classical composers for use in church services. They should never be satisfied with cheap or sentimental compositions.

Throughout Mrs. Eddy's writings can be found many enlightening statements on music worthy of one's attention and study. For example, our Leader says in her Message to The Mother Church for 1900 (p. 11): "I want not only quality, quantity, and variation in tone, but the unction of Love. Music is divine. Mind, not matter, makes music; and if the divine tone be lacking, the human tone has no melody for me."

Sally Declares the Truth
January 23, 1965

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