"With all thy soul"

when we look at red leaves in the fall or gray twig forms against a winter snow, why do we look? What do we see? The why determines the what, for the motive of sight directs the vision. If we desire to see no more than where we are going, we may notice only that the red exists or that the snow is falling. But if we look because we love God, we shall notice the brilliance of autumn hues or the flawless intricacy of winter's art, hinting the infinite beauty of God's creation. More than this, we shall be glad inside.

Such gladness has its practical aspects in that it demonstrates Soul, divine Mind. To understand God as Soul is to love God dearly, for Soul includes all that is good and beautiful. The real universe, including man, reflects Soul. By understanding and loving God as Soul, we find ourselves enjoying the beauty of God's reflection, and gladness is natural.

Progress Through Church Membership
September 23, 1961

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