About five years ago I was riding...

About five years ago I was riding along a three-lane highway with my daughter and two grandchildren. My daughter was in the front seat with her three-year-old boy, and I was in the back seat holding the baby. A car driven at a high speed suddenly veered into our lane and struck our car. The next thing I knew I was on the pavement. Our car was turned completely around, and the front end was wrecked. The other car was in flames, but no one was seriously injured.

I got up and walked around the car, where I found my daughter holding the baby and the little boy. When I asked if they were all right, my daughter said they did not have a scratch. The baby had fallen on the floor of the car with the back seat upside down over her, protecting her from the flying glass. The little boy had slipped down under the instrument panel and was also all right. Their mother and I both thanked God. I had taught Sunday School that morning, and the realization of God's presence and power had been our protection.

Testimony of Healing
A few years ago my daily work...
January 28, 1956

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