Not long after becoming interested...

Not long after becoming interested in Christian Science more than forty-five years ago, I was healed of the use of profanity, which I had thought of as a normal part of my vocabulary. Also the habits of smoking and of using intoxicating liquor were overcome. After an attack of inflammatory rheumatism had made me helpless for two weeks, I called a practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal. Within an hour I was free, and I have remained so.

The most remarkable healing I have received was that of severe deafness, with which I had been afflicted ever since boyhood, when I suffered a fractured skull. An ear specialist said my case was hopeless because my eardrums were badly scarred, and that very shortly I would not hear at all. However, after I became interested in Science, I read the testimonies in the periodicals which told of many remarkable healings, and I was convinced that I also could be healed. I endeavored to live a better and more loving life, to be more thoughtful of others, and to set my thoughts upon God and His love for His child.

Testimony of Healing
Before I was led to Christian Science,...
January 28, 1956

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