To heal physical ills one needs to prove the supremacy of Spirit, God, over the mental states which have produced those conditions. Through Christian Science the omnipotence of God is demonstrated. This Science shows that we live in a mental world, and that all human troubles derive from conscious and unconscious mental disturbances; that thought alone produces whatever is visible to the physical senses; and that a change of thought from a material to a spiritual basis destroys every kind of human woe.

Then to attempt to set aright disorders of body or environment without correcting their seeming mental causes is useless. But to correct their causes one needs to understand the reality of God's orderly spiritual creation and the unreal and delusive nature of all that is un-Godlike, that is, material and inharmonious. He needs to know the power of Spirit and the powerlessness of matter and its laws.

In the tenth chapter of Revelation there appears the symbolic figure of a "mighty angel" crowned with a rainbow, its face illumined, its "feet as pillars of fire." According to the Revelator, this angel "had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth." Mary Baker Eddy explains the symbolism of this passage in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." After quoting these words, she questions (p. 559), "Did this same book contain the revelation of divine Science, the 'right foot' or dominant power of which was upon the sea,—upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error's visible forms?" She continues, "The angel's left foot was upon the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin."

September 18, 1954

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