I should like to express my gratitude...

I should like to express my gratitude for the many healings which our family has had through reliance upon Christian Science. Fifteen years ago our daughter was prematurely born; she weighed only three and a half pounds. I was grateful that she was alive, however, and I knew that in reality God, infinite Life, was her Life and that His spiritual idea, His child, could not be separated from Him.

I was having Christian Science treatment, and I felt so uplifted, joyful, and confident that nothing appeared impossible. However, the next morning I was told very kindly not to hold much hope that the child would live. I knew that I must not accept this verdict, and I quietly said, "Oh, she will be all right." The next afternoon the child was rushed into my room, as she appeared about to pass on, but I would not accept the lie of mortal belief. Instead, I looked for the good, and to relieve the fear of those present I remarked that I would knit her a tiny bonnet. Afterward I did so.

Testimony of Healing
Many years ago I was an agnostic
September 18, 1954

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