I am grateful that I have always...

I am grateful that I have always had Christian Science to rely upon for healing and peace of mind. Six years ago a small growth developed on my body. When it grew to alarming proportions and the pain was such that I was unable to walk or to be comfortable in any position I called for the help of a Christian Science practitioner. She came to me bringing with her the sunshine of Truth and Love, messages of encouragement and inspiration. She assured me that God is All and God is perfect; therefore, as His image and likeness, I must be perfect also and untouched by any error.

After she left I quite suddenly realized that I was free from pain, and I fairly leaped from the davenport to run and tell my mother of the healing. I had taken only a few steps when the growth opened and began to drain. Before long it had disappeared. In looking back on this experience I am impressed with the fact that the pain was completely gone before there was any visible change. Also there was no pain when the growth discharged, and there was no period whatever of recuperation. I was well and strong at once. This experience was a great steppingstone to me in that I no longer thought of myself as a child of Christian Science parents, but as a child of God.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science is certainly a...
May 23, 1953

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