It is with deep gratitude for the...

It is with deep gratitude for the teachings of Christian Science, given us by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, that I submit this testimony. As a young girl I witnessed an instantaneous healing of a felon on the hand of a playmate. The healing was brought about through the application of Christian Science by an earnest student of Mrs. Eddy's works who was visiting in our neighborhood. Some years later, after my marriage, I read the testimonies of healing in a few copies of The Christian Science Journal which were brought into our home, and these recalled the healing I had witnessed as a child and awakened in me a keener desire for Truth.

A testing time came in 1924 when two of our eight children were stricken with scarlet fever on the same day. Two more contracted the disease shortly afterward. In the meantime a dear sister, an earnest student of Christian Science, wrote a letter asking us to consider having Christian Science treatment. When another child became ill and the doctor pronounced the case more serious than the preceding ones, I called for Christian Science help. The next morning when returning to check the case, a very puzzled and surprised physician asked: "What has happened to this child? She doesn't have scarlet fever any more than I do." That was his last call on the case. The other children who had the disease had previously recovered. Another, who caught it later, was instantaneously healed through Christian Science, and the remaining two did not contract it.

Mere words cannot express the gratitude that filled our hearts. The fear of the disease and its aftereffects was all gone. To us a miracle had happened. It was as though Christ Jesus had walked in our midst. I realize now that it was the Christ, Truth, which is ever present to comfort and to heal.

Testimony of Healing
An editorial in the Sentinel of...
January 24, 1953

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