When Christian Science was first...

When Christian Science was first presented to me by kindly neighbors it was at once accepted, for I had reached the limits of medical science after several major operations for my condition of invalidism. The teachings of Christian Science were put to the test within a week from the time it was offered to me, for I suddenly became much worse and asked to have treatment from a Christian Science practitioner. I could not even read, for the severe pain claimed all my attention. However, it was not long after the arrival of the practitioner before I was asleep. After sleeping for many hours I awoke with a feeling of joy and well-being. Soon I was up and dressed, and presently I walked to my friends' home, where we all rejoiced and gave thanks. At that time I was also healed of indigestion and headaches which had been almost a daily occurrence.

My parents and sister were grateful for the healing they had witnessed in my experience, and my mother began to read the Christian Science literature. We often read passages aloud to each other, and Mother would say: "Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it beautiful?" My sister also began to study Christian Science, and in a short time she was resting well through the whole night without having to take sleeping tablets, such as the doctor had given her for five years. Later we had the added joy of my father's becoming interested in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
My childhood was not a happy...
August 9, 1952

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