In setting forth the absoluteness of God, Christian Science does not imply that Deity is unavailable to mankind or far removed from human life. Rather, by giving man the true conception of God, Science brings His goodness near, for the truth is ever provable and God's allness and might are demonstrable facts. Untruths—misconceptions—are undemonstrable, and a false sense of God and man prevents one's expressing dominion over human limitations and troubles.

Christian Science reveals God as one infinite, self-existent, all-inclusive Mind, which, like the sun evolving its own light and dwelling in the flow of its own splendor, is unconscious of the mental shadows of a so-called human race. Love knows no hatred; Truth knows no untruth; Principle knows no false creator; Life knows no sin or death. Mary Baker Eddy often declares that God knows no evil; that the consciousness of error would rob Him of the ability to destroy it. Mrs. Eddy found the sun a useful symbol in explaining God's absolute perfection, and she employs the illustration of light in various ways. In "No and Yes" she says (p. 30): "It is Truth's knowledge of its own infinitude which forbids the genuine existence of even a claim to error. This knowledge is light wherein there is no darkness,—not light holding darkness within itself. The consciousness of light is like the eternal law of God, revealing Him and nothing else."

August 9, 1952

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