Demonstration in Christian Science is a spiritual experience. It evidences consciousness illumined by spiritual reality. In the light of the revelation of God's allness and man's spiritual perfection the so-called claims of material sense are seen for what they are, mere illusions, falsities, misconceptions of being. As darkness gives place to light and all is light, so these misconceptions—sin, sickness, lack, want, woe, all evil—give place to reality, and what we call Christian Science healing takes place. This healing is often spoken of as demonstration. But whether we call it healing or demonstration, we should thoroughly understand that material benefit is but the effect of the revelation to human consciousness of the spiritual facts of being. Herein is the great difference between what demonstration really is and what it is sometimes thought to be.

Demonstration is frequently spoken of in a way that might lead one unacquainted with the wholly spiritual nature of Christian Science to believe that Christian Scientists demonstrate material things, such as automobiles, houses, and so on. Since Christian Science reveals the allness of God, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter, it is impossible for a student of this Science to demonstrate anything but divine Principle, its laws, and the facts of Spirit. The better health, better sense of home, increased good which we experience as the result of the demonstration of God's law are the outward evidence of the wholeness, the harmony, and the spiritual riches of divine Love that have been revealed to us.

August 9, 1952

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