Christian Science was presented...

Christian Science was presented to me when my children were very young and when I was in great need financially. As soon as I started to study Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy there was much improvement in my affairs. Being a professional musician, I was away from our children and home very often and almost always at nighttime. Our first demonstration in Christian Science was over the effects of an accident which happened to our little son. He fell out of a swing and seriously injured his mouth on a bean blower which he was carrying. I went to the telephone and called a practitioner, asking for help in Christian Science. I then put him to bed and went to my work. He slept comfortably all night, and the next day he ate his dinner as usual. The healing was complete.

As problems have been experienced they have been solved, and Christian Science has been our only physician. All our children have attended the Christian Science Sunday School ever since they were small, and all are still interested in this Science. At one time four of them became ill with scarlet fever, but within two days they were free. I had three sons and seven grandsons overseas during World War II, and I am grateful that they all returned home safely. We have realized protection in automobile accidents, and I could tell of many more demonstrations of Christian Science healing if space permitted.

Testimony of Healing
In 1931 through the help of a...
January 26, 1952

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