I have had the privilege of being...

I have had the privilege of being a Christian Scientist all my life, and it is indeed time for me to acknowledge my gratitude. Sunday School attendance, church membership, guidance of a mother and father who were active branch church members, and the consistent work of earnest Sunday School teachers are blessings which did much to mold my thinking during the formative years.

To enumerate all the healings in Christian Science which I have witnessed in our home would take many pages. Some of these healings have been the fruits of my own understanding, others have been accomplished through the loving help of members of my family; while some discordant conditions failed to yield until loving help of a consecrated practitioner was given. I am grateful to say that I have never taken medicine or drugs of any kind. At a time when it was necessary for me to be examined by a medical doctor in order to receive an insurance policy, it was found that I had a very high physical rating. I was happy about this, because God has been my only physician. I have had many proofs of God's loving care and protection from harm.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a very grateful heart...
June 23, 1951

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