As there are still many people...

As there are still many people who seem to find it difficult to give public testimony to the benefits which they have received in Christian Science, it has occurred to me that my experience on this subject might help someone. Among my earliest recollections I can recall how impossible it seemed for me even to read aloud fluently.

When our family was unable to go to church on Sundays because of severe weather, it was a custom in our home for each of the eight children to read alternately one verse of the Bible aloud. When it came of my turn, I always became so self-conscious that I never once succeeded in reading my verse without stumbling over the words and feeling utterly humiliated. My mother told me that as I grew up this difficulty would disappear, but, on the contrary, as the years rolled on I became more than ever convinced that in this respect I seemed hopelessly incurable.

Testimony of Healing
The steady progress that I have...
June 23, 1951

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